Professional Chef’s Tools

Professional cooks are relied upon to put out a great meal. They can have all the skills and the training but there is some equipment that every chef needs to have in their kitchen.

Instant Read ThermometerInstant Read Thermometer
The chef has the responsibility to make sure the food that they are serving to their customers is safe to eat. An instant read thermometer will allow the chef to check their food to make sure they have cooked it to the proper temperature. It can also help them tell the different between medium and medium rare to make sure their customers get what they have ordered.

frying panAll Clad Frying Pan
These pans are built to last. They are made from bonded steel and will allow the food in the pan to heat up evenly.
They will also make sure the food will not stick to the surface. These pans can be used to make everything from a stir fry dish to the perfect omelet.

These are just some of the things that chefs reply on to help them put out a great meal. While their training is important it is equally important to have the right kitchen equipment.